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Driver for IR-2-usb
Recommanded Freeware and Shareware for IR2PC
More recommended Tools
Suggestions from students for profis

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Here are necessary driver for IR-2-usb:

Download Description
USB-driver (Windows) This *.Zip-file includes an uninstaller
USB-driver (LINUX) driver for Linux;-)

We can recommend the following Freeware for the most usual operating systems:

Download Description
Girder (ca. 35 Euro) Best application for processing the IR-code under Win9x/NT4/W2K and XP. Only somewhat pedantically, however if one understood the technique, simply ingeniously! Enter UIR for your IR-device then it goes with IR2PC too!
Girder Plugins configured Girder Plugins (Freeware)
Miriam (Freeware) One of the best applications for Windows-PCs:-) Very simple to use and with good overview!
dosir2pc (Freeware) Control of all DOS-applications. It serves the keyboard-buffer. Ideal for MPXPLAY (mp3-player under DOS with Source)
LIRC Control for IR-2-USB
LIRC Control for all IR-2-serial
LIRC-remotes Predefined settings for standard-remote control can be downgeloaded here.
libirman Software for compiling LIRC when there is no predefined setting available.

More Tools
We can recommend the following programs from own experience:

Download Description
Serialwatcher (Freeware) With this Tool you can test the serial interfaces of your computer problem-free.
Winamp-Plugin (Freeware) An extension, which enriches your Winamp with IR characteristics! It is constituent of Girder
Slow Speed CD Homepage (Freeware) Rate check of AudioCDs in realtime
PC Remote Homepage (Shareware) To control software around applications under Win9x/NT4/W2K and WinXP over remote maintenance. (Price: 15 US-Dollar or 19 Euro).
IR-Assistant Homepage (Freeware für Private A.) To control software around applications under Win9x/NT4 and W2K over remote maintenance. Mouse pointer by IR!
Koala Player (kostenlose Demos) Mad Tool, with which films/DVDs can be administered and played. With user-defined Skins. (Price: 20 US-Dollar)
IREx (Freeware) WinLIRC-Companion (Plugin for Winamp)
Partyman (Freeware) A Tool, with which the MP3s can be administered and played.

Suggestions for Profis from students
Here are COOL LINKS (Please sent me an email if you have also ideas for using ir2pc!).

Download Description
SAT-Media-Box A detailed building guidance for amateur handicraftsmen, who want to have something unusual:-)